Pink Eye & Fever/Chills

19:48 Apr 16 2018 Coronado Beach, San Diego

I went swimming for back to back for 2 days and on the 2nd day, I experienced pink eye so I got some eye drops, the next morning, I had fever and chills and it came and went until the 3rd day, when it stayed and I went to urgent care, where they took blood samples and gave me antibiotics. We are currently waiting for the results but my fever/chills are still in full force. It’s been a week already.
Additional Data
What were your symptoms? Check all that apply:: Vomiting,Eye Infection,Fever
Did you see a doctor?: Yes
If treated, what was the diagnosis and treatment?: Blood tests & antibiotics
How long after you were in the water did your illness symptoms start?: Immediately
How many times have you been sick from the water at this beach?: One
How long did your illness last?: Currently sick
Will you allow Surfrider Foundation to contact you? If yes, please provide info below. This will not be shared publicly.: No

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