Sore throat after Surfing waikiki

14:10 Jan 3 2018 Waikiki, Honolulu, Honolulu County, Hawaii, 96815, United States of America

I got a severe sore throat after surfing waikiki... I went after the biggest rainfall ever, so I am assuming that sewage had spilled into the water.

Got really bad sore throat (already 7 days) and started antibiotics today. The doctor's question when he examined my throat was: "Were you exposed to something?"
Additional Data
What were your symptoms? Check all that apply:: Other
Did you see a doctor?: Yes
If treated, what was the diagnosis and treatment?: Bacterial throat infection
How long after you were in the water did your illness symptoms start?: Next day
How many times have you been sick from the water at this beach?: One
How long did your illness last?: 2 Weeks
Will you allow Surfrider Foundation to contact you? If yes, please provide info below. This will not be shared publicly.: No

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