Vomiting, diarrhea, throat pain and nasal irritation

04:47 Jan 24 2023 Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

After swimming and drinking some ocean water due to being taken over by waves, developed nose/throat irritation that developed into sever abdominal cramps, belching within an hour. That night had severe diarrhea. Next two days diarrhea continued and progressively worsened w/fever developing and reaching 103/104. Both my kids and I swam and all 3 got sick. Husband never did. All ate the same things and stayed in same room together.
Additional Data
What were your symptoms? Check all that apply:: Vomiting,Diarrhea,Sinus Infection,Cramps/Stomach Pain,Fever
Did you see a doctor?: --
If treated, what was the diagnosis and treatment?: Gastrointestinal illness and given antibiotics
How long after you were in the water did your illness symptoms start?: Within the day
How many times have you been sick from the water at this beach?: One
How long did your illness last?: Four to five days
Will you allow Surfrider Foundation to contact you? If yes, please provide info below. This will not be shared publicly.: Yes
Did you observe a distinct source of pollution or algal bloom? Please describe.: Cloudy water w/lots of stinging seaweed; the water had sulfuric odor
Which state (if US) or country (if non-US) were you visiting?: Mexico; playa del Carmen

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