Revere Beach - Sick After Swimming

10:06 Jul 12 2020 Revere Beach, North Shore Road, Point of Pines, Revere, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, 01905, United States of America

Our family went to Revere Beach twice last week. The last time we went, I swam in the water. I experienced stomach pain, body aches, and weakness starting the next day. Considering we have been very strict about Covid-19 quarantine, socially distancing, and this is the only place we have gone, it is highly likely that I got sick from the beach, most likely from the water.
Additional Data
What were your symptoms? Check all that apply:: Cramps/Stomach Pain
Did you see a doctor?: No
How long after you were in the water did your illness symptoms start?: Next day
How many times have you been sick from the water at this beach?: One
How long did your illness last?: Currently sick
Will you allow Surfrider Foundation to contact you? If yes, please provide info below. This will not be shared publicly.: Yes
Did you observe a distinct source of pollution or algal bloom? Please describe.: No

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