Got rash and vitgro in Maui

10:23 Jul 13 2016 Maui County, Hawaii, USA

Last time I was in Maui , I went swimming at this popular place , and soon after I got a terrible rash and had vertigo and a slight fever my neck swelled .i looked like a sea turtle. We went to the urgent care ,and they didn't know what was going on , but I bet they did . I got some antibiotics and. They sent me on my way .i think it's funny. That this is coming out now . I bet they just don't want to warn people Cause it will affect the tourists cash . So they will just let people get sick . Its all about the money .this was in June 2013
Additional Data
Did you see a doctor?: Yes
If treated, what was the diagnosis and treatment?: None was given I got antibiotics and was sent on my way .
How long after you were in the water did your illness symptoms start?: Next day
How many times have you been sick from the water at this beach?: One
How long did your illness last?: More than month
Will you allow Surfrider Foundation to contact you? If yes, please provide info below. This will not be shared publicly.: Yes

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